Celebrating 40+ Years

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our mission is to make sure our customers receive the highest level of customer service. We pride ourselves with honesty and integrity for a job well done. All our repairs are backed by our limited lifetime warranty. We believe your trust is of the utmost importance.

Community Events

We also take an active part in our community sponsoring numerous events and teams including: DAYO T-Ball, Danbury Youth Baseball, Saint Joseph School Golf Tournament, Immaculate High School Golf Tournament, the
Portuguese Golf Tournament and more.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Here at Critelli’s we are an equal opportunity employer. Many of our employees speak a variety of languages including but not limited too: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Critelli’s History

1968 Gimignano, Italy

Jesse Critelli

Jesse Critelli, Josh’s father was doing automotive body repair on a Lambro.

1970 Danbury, CT

Jesse and a Plymouth Duster

Jesse Critelli was buffing a Plymouth Duster

1986 Danbury, CT

Josh Critelli

Josh Critelli at five years old, trying to help his Dad, Jesse fix cars. He started young.

1989 Danbury, CT

Jesse Critelli

Jesse Critelli working on a vehicle in Critelli’s Auto Body

2001 Danbury, CT

Josh Critelli and a Honda Accord

Josh Critelli was working on a Honda Accord.

2005 Danbury, CT

Creating a New Shop

Critelli’s Auto Body newest building work in progress.

2013 Danbury, CT

JJ Hard at Work

Josh’s oldest son, JJ helping his Dad fix a car in the garage.

2014 Danbury, CT

JJ Washing Trucks

Josh’s oldest son, JJ, helping his Dad wash a truck

2019 Danbury, CT

Josh and Jaxson

Josh with his son Jaxson.

2022 Danbury, CT

No Monkey Business

Josh playing in the garage with his youngest sons, Jaxson and Jayce.

2023 Rogers Park Danbury, CT

Jesse Critelli & Grandsons

Jesse Critelli walking with his youngest grandsons, Jaxson and Jayce.